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Disposable Medical Use Low Flux Hemodialyzer Hemodialysis

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Technical Specification of Dialyzer  

Effective surface area(m2)
ID of membrance (um)200
UF Coefficient(ml/mmHg-h) 1314 15 18 
Blood compartment volume(ml) 90102 113 125 
  Clearance (ml/min)  Test condition     QB=200ml/min QD=500ml/min
  Urea (mL/min) 182185 187 190 
  Creatinine (mL/min) 165168 171 173 
  Phosphate (mL/min) 115128 133 139 
  Vitamin B12 (mL/min) 6068 75 80 
  Max.TMP(Kpa/mmHg)      66.5/500

 The Feature of Dialyzer

1.Type:Low Flux Hemodialyzer & High Flux Hemodialyzer
2. Membrane material: Polyethersulfone hollow fiber membranes imported from Germany 
3. Membrane inner diameter:200um; Membrane thickness:35um; Product Length:300mm; Housing material:polycarbonate; Potting compound:polyurethane; O-ring:silicone 
4. Available in sizes 1.2m2, 1.4m2, 1.6m2 1.8m2 
5. Benefits Excellent Small Molecule and Exceptional Middle Molecule Clearance 
6.Sterilization:Gamma ray
7.Shelf life: 2 years

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