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International Cooperation

Besides the much experience in the international transaction because of its long time export business, QDHSK also has a professional documentation team for the registration in different countries, as a result QDHSK has already registered more than 100 kinds of pharmaceutical medicines in many countries around the world and the products have been exported to South America, Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Asia  including Republic Dominica, Haiti, Peru, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Tajikistan, Nigeria, Congo, Chad, Togo, Singapore, Philippine, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, and so on. Specially mentioned,  QDHSK succeeds in winning government tender order in Republic Dominica annually with amount near 3 million US dollar during past ten years for its high, steady quality and competitive price.

QDHSK focus on considerable attention on the R&D and strict quality control measures, which will become the sustainable and steady development in long terms with all customers.